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Fun & Creativity

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Arts & Crafts are a huge part of a child's creativity and we encourage our teachers to incorporate this every week!


We absolutely LOVE this aspect of our curriculum at our school. Every Friday each class gets to watch a special videos explaining the story for the week! We also add in some amazing worship songs that the kids love to dance to!

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Gross Motor is another important aspect of our teaching here. From our little ones all the way up to Pre-K we make sure to incorporate some movement into each lesson. For example, doing some dancing in the morning during music time or a fun game in their classroom.

ABC Cubes


Starting off with our 1 yr olds, we  try and introduce sign language to help get their language skills moving! As they progress up through our program we do letter identification as well as sight words.

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We try and use math in ways that are fun! Counting at an early age can help development and once they are in our older classes we start to complete worksheets that help better develop their skills!

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Outside Play

If you ask any of the kids this would be their favorite time of the day! At both campuses we have designated playground spaces to allow ALL the kids have 30 min in the morning and the afternoon! (Weather Permitting) Gives them all a chance to play with thier friends and use their imagination!

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